05 NAC Allied Membership


An individual or company representative providing the following goods and services to the recreation and leisure-time foodservice industry:


Manufacturer- Engaged in manufacturing any and all types of equipment.

Supplier - Engaged in the manufacture and/or sale of any and all foods, beverages, or supplies.

Popcorn Processor - Engaged in the growing or processing of popcorn for sale to the wholesale or retail channels of distribution.

Jobber/Distributor -  Engaged in the manufacture and/or purchase, warehouse and resale of food items, equipment and supplies.

Manufacturer/Wholesaler - Engaged in the popping or packaging of popcorn for distribution through retail outlets.

Broker - Engaged in the brokered sale of recreation and leisure-time foodservice equipment, products or supplies.

Consultant/Architect - Engaged in providing design services or industry expertise to other companies or facilities.


NAC offers a special first-year membership rate of $180 to new applicants. Simply select this option to take advantage of this tremendous offer.

Membership Dues

First Year Supplier Member: $180
Supplier Member (Year 2 and beyond): $595
Associate Supplier Member: $95

First Year Operator Member: $180
Operator Member (Year 2 and beyond): $295
Associate Operator Member: remains at $95

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